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IVA VEAZEY is an accomplished pianist, composer, and teacher with an eclectic background of experience. A pianist since early childhood, music is a passion for Iva. Her gifted talents and expertise offer a valuable presence
in the world today.

As a composer, Iva’s passion for music is evident. Varied in style, her pieces are inspired by nature, art and the richness of life, taking the listener to heartfelt places. Iva particularly enjoys creating commissioned pieces, beautifully capturing the essence of the brief.  She performs her compositions and improv pieces for events at various locations, such as art galleries and health & wellness businesses. Her first CD – Water’s Edge – is a compilation of personal life stories portrayed through solo piano music. Currently, she is working on piano duet compositions, to be
released in 2014.

As a teacher with over 30 years of experience, Iva has developed a unique style that students find inspirational. She uses a gentle, personalized and
fun approach to learning, inviting students to explore their creative process with freedom and adventure. Learning to play music becomes a multi-sensory experience.

In 2009, Iva’s interest in the healing arts inspired her to become a meditation instructor, discovering its connection with musical performance. In 2010, she became a Performance Wellness Coach, adding significant depth to her performance and teaching methods. Through these practices, Iva assists students, teachers and performers of all ages in overcoming stage fright and finding a richer creative stance in practice, performance and daily life.

Iva currently resides in Durham, NC offering piano lessons, meditation classes and Summon Your Muse workshops at her local studio and throughout the region.